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Entry #3

Goodbye, Newgrounds

2011-07-16 09:30:26 by Non-Skiid

I have lost my interest in flash.

Maybe I'll be back one day.



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2011-07-16 10:54:25

And nothing of value was lost.

Non-Skiid responds:

Nothing of value was gained from this comment. In fact, I think everyone that read your comment just lost 10 IQ.


2011-07-16 15:12:23

Kids sure are getting more and more sensitive these days.


2011-07-16 15:13:48

Ah well. At least you didn't ban me and spam my userpage with "FUCK YOU! YOU ARE A GAY FAGGOT SPAMMER!" like the last guy I insulted.

Maybe there is some hope for you at least.


2011-07-16 15:31:25

Well, when you don't enjoy it anymore, then it is better to leave, maybe you will come back some day :)


2011-10-01 06:40:22

its sad to see animators leaving see you soon l:<